The Russianization Program

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The Russianization Program

Post by Alexei Romanov on Tue Sep 21, 2010 4:15 pm

Looking to earn an extra 3 million to build up your nation ? Any member, or applicant wanting to may apply to re-roll(meaning create a new nation) under a Russian name and place, and will be eligible for this offer. The goal with this is to make the alliance more authentic with more Russian named nations/rulers while at the same time growing our overall alliance nation strength. If your interested simply apply here with a new proposed nation name/ruler and once I have approved it you may reroll and may apply for the 3 million in development aid. Please if you can try to stay with in the Imperial Russian era if you can, and dont forget once approved before createing a new nation, be sure to delete your old one other wise you could end up being banned from CN for haveing multiple accounts. The link below is a list of famous Russian people of differnt profesions and eras to get you started. I am eager to see people apply for this oprotunity and see which ruler and nation names they pick.

My Best Wishes,

HM Emperor Alexei Romanov
Alexei Romanov

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