Imperial Application Template and Information

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Imperial Application Template and Information

Post by Alexei Romanov on Sun Sep 12, 2010 7:28 pm

Welcome, I am honored that you have chosen to join us here in The Russian Empire; to get you started here I ask that you please follow these steps below:

* Register on The Russian Empire forums, and post an application in the correct section;
* Have Russia as his/her national flag;
* Be part of the White sphere;
* Swear loyalty to Alexei Romanov, the Russian Empire, and its Sovereign Territories;
* Agree to all laws of the Russian Empire and its Sovereign Territories ;
* After completing all the above, please put "The Russian Empire" in your alliance affiliation.

The template for new applications below is to be copied and pasted into a new topic and then completed by the applicant:

Ruler Name:

Nation Name:

Nation Strength:

Have you been in any previous alliance if so which ones?

If you have been in another alliance what positions if any have you served in?

How did you find out about The Russian Empire?

Why do you wish to join TRE ?

Are you in any current wars with other nations?

Do you have "The Russian Empire" in your alliance affiliation? Yes/No

Have you joined the White Team? Yes/ No:

Do you The Russian Flag as your national flag? Yes/No:

Do you agree not to attack other nations without the consent of The Minister of Defense ? Yes/No:

Do you agree to follow all forum rules and the constitution of The Russian Empire? Yes/No:

Once your application is posted, and you have completed the steps above the Minister of State, The Prime Minister, or myself will take a look at your application and if everything checks out you will be masked as a Imperial Citizen as soon as possible. Thus having this I wish you a bright future here in The Russian Empire.

Best Regards,

HRM, Emperor Alexei Romanov
Alexei Romanov

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